A downloadable Sword And Bosses for Windows and macOS

## ----- TRAILER -----

## ----- Decription -----

Explore a randomly generated voxel  dungeon. Find some chests, keys, secret doors, potions and unique enemies. Choose your class (Warrior, Rogue or Archer). Good luck.

## ----- ABOUT -----
Creator : Yann Picard, 17 Years Old, Quebec

The game is in developpement for 1 year. I aslo made some develogs of the game on my Youtube channel.
link :

My twitter : https://twitter.com/SwordAndBoss

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7OM1BikQGZR6NUBHj7vTZg

## ----- CONTROLS ----- (You can also play with a Xbox One Controller)
wasd : Move
Space Bar : Jump
Left Click : Basic Attack
E : Pick Up
Right Click : Super Attack
Escape : Pause Menu
Tab : Stats
L : Lantern On/Off

## ----- NOTE -----
The game is still a little bit glitchy sometimes. The game don't save if you close the game. Good luck!

Install instructions

Download the zip file, and open the .exe file.


SwordAndBosses.zip 61 MB


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